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Bradford Shelf Moor

15th April 1928 saw the first dirt track meeting at the Shelf Moor and it is recorded that the ‘Solo’ final was won by Oliver Langton, I assume that the mention of Solo is opposed to a bike and sidecar. The Bradford Motor Club promoted the meeting with the first meeting held over a two lap distance and the track described as being roughly oval in shape constructed with half grass and half cinder surface. I have no further information and don’t know if this was the first and only meeting or did it continue throughout this the only year recorded as having a circuit used for what could loosely called a dirt track. Let me know if you have and further information.

Bradford Fronby Avenue

This venue staged meeting during 1928 promoted by the Bradford Special Constables Association, the first meeting held on the 19th May an open event, the Russell Rose Challenge Trophy which was won by A G Mitchell. The track was stated to be a mixture of soil and loose cinder. Please tell me if you have any further knowledge of this venue.

Bradford Greenfield Autodrome

This venue known as the Greenfield Athletic Ground had been used by the Bradford Northern Rugby League Club for their 1907/08 season, the 6 acre field was rented from Whitakers Brewery for what seems to us in 2018 as a ridiculous sum, that of £8 per annum. The field held apart from the rugby pitch a pear shaped running and trotting track which had been laid round the perimeter. Following the opening Rugby match that took place on the 7th September 1907, reported to have drawn 7,000 spectators the club spent £302 on constructing a grandstand, fencing and a pitch at the venue.

Bradford City FC held a couple of practice matches there in 1908.

A first Greyhound meeting was held in 1927 watched by 13,000.

Dirt Track racing started in 1928 promoted by Bradford and District Motor Club, four meeting were staged that year the first two attracting only 2,000 at each meeting but the third only managed 1,000. The attendance dropped further to 750 for the fourth and final meeting, it is reported that the receipts from these first four meeting did not manage to cover the prize money. There was one further dirt track meeting that year on 2nd August it took place – a bike v greyhound contest taking place during a dog meeting.

1961 following a reconstruction of the speedway track six open meetings were held under the promotion of Jess Halliday. 1962 a change from open meeting s to team racing in the Provincial League also part way through the season a change of promotion with Mike Parker picking up the reigns, however the spectator interest was not good and speedway came to an end at the track with a double header held in October.

Greyhound racing continued until 1969 holding their last meeting in March of that year, the track was then cleared and within 3 weeks. Industrial warehousing now occupies the site.

Early Bradford Tracks

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