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The Brafield Sports Stadium is situated near Northampton in the village of Brafield-on-the-Green and although originally built in 1947 with the intention of running midget car racing, such racing did not take place there until September 1949 the protect organised by local baker Dave Hughes.

A training school was introduced by Jim Wright in 1951 with the track being available on Sundays for practice and in 1952 it was used for midget car practice sessions and speedway training reintroduced at the cost of 15s 9d per day (£18.80 today) training under the direction of Paddy Mills.

The first speedway meeting took place in 1954 on May the 2nd a team contest with Eastbourne, Brafield won 50-33 it was a Southern Area League match. Not unusually the club was severed with an injunction to stop Sunday racing, it was defeated but Paddy Mills transferred the training school to Long Eaton.

1955 and poor crowds caused racing at Brafield to close  late July following a win against Rye House 55-29. Tarmac was laid on the track to facilitate stock car racing the first meeting taking place in August of that year.

It was not until 1966 that speedway returned to Brafield this time promoted by John La Trobe this was made possible by the laying of a track suitable for speedway inside the tarmac track, it was reopened to speedway in August 1966 when Ian Champion won the Midland Junior Riders’ Championship. There followed five more open – licence meeting to take place during that season.

Speedway was last seen at the venue on the 21st May 1967 although Malcolm Shakespeare used the circuit for training in 1968 followed in 1971 by Frank Smith who also used it to practice.

Below a screen shot of the track taken from a map on Google Earth 2017

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Thanks to John Somerville for the program photo and John Jarvis for the information
Acknowledgement of the copyright of Google for the image of the Brafield track.