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17 May - Details of the issue 73 of The Voice see HERE

24 Feb - Midget Troubles a John Hyam Speedway Story  to read see HERE

20 Feb - Short profile of pioneer Stanley Glanfield can be read HERE

15 Feb - Neil Reynolds speedway card list now complete view HERE

12 Feb - Some more information about speedway on Cigarette Cards thanks to Neil Reynolds, HERE

08 Feb - A Wembley folio of their riders for the 1939 season HERE

08 Feb - John Hyam has given information he has researched on USA league riding, can you add more

27th Jan - Noel Clark an Obituary by Tony Webb - view HERE

26th Jan - Some details of some of the early Bradford tracks can be viewed HERE

26th Jan - New issue of The Voice is published for information see HERE

23rd Jan - Information on the Bothwell Park Track see HERE

20th Jan - Details of this years Celebration of Speedway can be found HERE

20th Jan - New program image for the Knowle Stadium, Bristol, 1930 view HERE

20th Jan - Details of the Brafield track now available with a program photo see HERE

19th Jan - Rider profile of Lionel Van Praag can be seen HERE

14th Jan - Did you know that a sister Forum is now open called Speedway Museum Online see HERE

07 Jan - New Rider profile - Al Sparrey can be found HERE

29 Dec - A new John Hyam story ‘Secret South African Tour’ find it HERE

29 Dec - ‘Fair Play for Split Waterman’ by John Hyam see HERE

15 Oct - Just acquired a report for California Reunion 2015 view it HERE

15 Oct -  Report of the 2018 California-in-England Speedway Reunion can be seen HERE

29 July - A magazine item from a late 1930’s USA publication featuring East Coast crashes HERE

29 July - Details on the new edition on The Voice, interested see HERE

19 July - New book about Neil Street by Tony Webb & John Somerville see details HERE

07 Jun - Sadly the web has been updated to record the death of Jim Gregory see his profile HERE


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