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Sidecar Speedway Racing

The above clip was accompanied by the following comments;

“Last week saw an attempt to revive sidecar racing on the cinders,this time on the White City track, Glasgow, with Alan Brace and Keith Horton as the exponents, the former being sidecar Champion of Australia. A race was included in the programme on May 9th but it did not prove very exciting.”

When John Hyam sent me these images of sidecar racing, mostly from Australia, we discussed why it has never taken off in the UK and came to the conclusion that our tracks are, in most cases, shorter and not as wide as those in Australia, fine for exciting solo racing but not able to present sidecar racing at it’s best.

Do you have an opinion, let us know.

Below a collection of images from the 1920’s, hover over to enlarge.

Many thanks to John Hyam who brought this side of the sport to the fore and supplied the images

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