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Friends of Speedway

Press Release

Friends of Speedway (a non-profit making organisation who are proud to part sponsor the British Youth Speedway Championship) are pleased to announce the 72nd edition of their magazine the Voice which is packed full of interest and enjoyment. This issue is a huge  24 pages, which will keep your interest for hours!

In this issue, Charles Mckay asks Where did the money go? Plus Fake news. Roy Delaney's article on Crashes were plentiful. John Hyam on Vic Ridgeon plus Bob Warner.

More tales of a wandering nomad plus Ask not for whom the bells tolls from Jeffrey C. Jameson. The Editor reports on the Kempton Park Road Show and scattering his friend around Wimbledon. Sue Towner is on her Soapbox and giving the Accounts of the last year. Slider says, 'Are we at the crossroads or is it now a roundabout?' Followed by much more reading.

Available from Friends of Speedway; 117 Church Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2DP. Please send your cheque for £12 made out to the above for four issues of the Voice to Stu Towner at the above address or ring 0208-397 6599 for more information.

Thank you.

Friends of Speedway  

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